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Somerset update request


Somerset Development – Nov. 2017



Somerset is going to be a landmark community, and it’s finally happening!  Watch the video above and  then check out the photos below!

Here’s the latest info:

– Roads are being cut in for “Belmont at Somerset” – the first phase of development!

– The first properties to be built and sold will include approximately half of the 94 lots in Parcel 1

     –  The builder for this section is The New Home Company  (3 single level floor plans pending final approval)

–  We’ve been told pricing will start “in the $700’s”

– The next phase will be the second half of Parcel 1

– Custom lots in the remaining parcels to follow

Somerset has significant personal and sentimental value to the developers – a true legacy project.   It’s going to be a thoughtful multi-year process with uncompromising focus on delivering the finest final product.

More details to come…

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_1-Illustrative Site Dev Plan-11-17 copy 2 _5-Somerset Blvd. Entry-8-11