Brian K. Judy

CIRCLE G (Queen Creek)

There are two distinct flavors of Circle G in Queen Creek, and you’ll find details for both here.  Circle G at Queen Creek is closer in (off of Hawes and Chandler Heights) and has the more traditional Circle G Ranch feel with impressive homes on irrigated acre lots with big trees.  And you really can’t go wrong with the great location in the nicest part of Queen Creek.

Then there’s Circle G at Pegasus Airpark, an entirely different project for Circle G featuring an airport with a 5,000 ft runway that’s 60 ft wide!  All lots still have the traditional benefits of Circle G (flood irrigation on one-acre homesites with horse privileges) and get the unique benefits of being in the most affordable gated private airpark community in the Valley.  Not a fit for everyone, but if you’ve got a plane – this is a sweet place to be!

Circle G (Queen Creek)

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